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How Would You Like To Partner With Milo AI, But A REAL Partnership?

That's right, you read that right, and I'll ask you again:

Would you like to be a certified, approved, and profitable partner of Milo AI,

And get paid 5 figures/month promoting Milo AI while keeping ALL of the profits?

Here's how our Milo AI partners program works:

Basically, You'll Be A Full Partner With
All The Perks of Being A Part of The Milo AI Marketing Team

Once enrolled you will become a part of our marketing team.

What it means is that your job will be to promote Milo AI, while we do everything for you in terms of marketing, all you have to do is spread the word, and you'll keep 60% - 100% fo the commissions.

Basically you help Milo AI brand grow and you make money in the process.

Let me dive a little deeper about how this partnership program works:

You Will Get The Traffic, The Salespages,
Special Partners Training Bootcamp & Instant Commission Payments

When you become a partner of Milo AI, and a part of our marketing team, you will instantly get access to the Milo AI Partners Members area.

In that members area, you will have:

  • Done for you sales pages, fully designed, written and tested for you to upload on your website and deploy.
  • Access to special partners training where you will learn how to build a multiple 5 figure business around this.
  • SEO optimization built into the pages for organic traffic as well as social media content for social media traffic
  • Done for you Logos, Done for you telemarketing scripts, done for you email sequences, done for you ad templates and ad banners.
  • A highly professional sales video
  • Powerpoint presentations promoting Milo AI And much much more.
  • All waiting for you inside the Milo AI certified partners program.
This Is Your Chance to Be A Part Of A Software
Company Without The Time, Money & Knowledge Needed To Build One.

It's no secret that creating and owning a software company is not easy..

From experience, as a long time techpreneur I can safely say, it's hell.

To serve people and solve problems may be rewarding both financially and spiritually, but the work is hell.

From the multiple 5 to even 6 figures it costs to develop a truly game changing software, to starting a company, to hiring the right people, to doing market research, to creating all the marketing materials, to make the brand well known..

Each of these “projects” is a world on it's own.

And with the Milo AI Partnership program, you get to skip all this, and jump straight into the money.

This Is Different Than Agency!

This is very very different than agency, the last upsell you've seen.

Agency means you get the ability to create unlimited front end accounts.

But, you do the selling alone AND you earn nothing on the funnel, which is a shame because we have a bussin' funnel (gen Z lingo)

Here, you actually promote it, do no work, no creation, nothing, just send traffic (which we help you send) and earn up to $1,000 per sale, PLUS cool prizes.

Interesting aye?

3 Reasons Making Money By Being A Milo AI
Partner Is Eazy Peazy, Lemon Squeezy:
Reason #1
Hot New Product In A Hot Niche

First off, nothing like this has been done before on JVZOO, an all in one media creation A.I that truly lets you create amazing trending media for any project and even commercial projects!

Things like Adding Lipsync to videos and images, artistic and eye catching QR codes, animations, personalized videos and so much more, literally dozens of options, in one place.

Everyone needs this and everyone will want this, all you have to do is promote, and your list will THANK YOU for it.

Reason #2
EXTREME Product Quality (Check Demo) + Reliability

The market is FLOODED with metoo offers, and lately, tons of “A.I” offers, A.I may be a buzz word these days but it's here to stay, the question is if there's any innovation in the A.I, and with Milo AI, there is LOADS of it.

This is the FIRST and only offer of it's nature on JVZOO and it's a SUPER hot agency opportunity.

And of course, keeping up with the same quality of ALL of our products, which are still up & running and serving customers every day.

Reason #3
Profitable Sales Funnel That Brings In 3X-5X More Revenue Per Sale!

Our sales funnel is tight and properly positioned, with both recurring and attractive one time offers as well as high converting copies on EACH offer.

Pricing is dead set on being super affordable and it's going to be a NO BRAINER to any visitor visiting our sales page.

Conversions will be sky high and you can Potentially Make up to $1,000 per front end sale you send.

All of my funnels generate 3x - 5x the front end value, EPC's usually look like $2 $3 f/e epc and funnel $7 - $12 EPC, and that's CONSISTENT!

This means for every 10 regular clicks you send you can expect at least $70 - $120, and with this funnel, possibly double that!

Collect Cash After Every Milestone You Cross, FOREVER!

With the partners program, you get to promote Milo AI's funnel at an increased commission rate,

With DFY sales tools and traffic, and for every sales milestone you cross, you collect cash!

When you reach the milestone, you get cash from us! $500 extra payment via paypal or payoneer for every 100 front end sales.

This is on TOP of the already boosted 60% - 100% commissions!

When You Go Unlimited Today, You Get These Special Bonuses:
Bonus #1
Affiliate Marketing A To Z

Master Affiliate Marketing from A to Z:

Your Complete Roadmap to Passive Income

Bonus #2
Pinterest Profits

Turn Pins into Profits: Unleash the Power of Pinterest for Your Financial Success

Bonus #3
The YouTube Affiliate

Master the Art of YouTube Affiliate Marketing:

Boost Your Income with Video Success

Super Special Introductory Deal

This type of partnership program is not something we've ever offered before for less than $2,000/month

However, it is clear that with 2K/month, we won't be getting many partners.

So for the special Milo AI launch, we've decided to go all out and provide access to the Partners Program for a very, VERY low fee.

Enroll Into The Partners Program Today

You Get Access To:

  • The Partner Program (Worth $997/Month)
  • All of our sales materials (Worth $1,997)
  • All of our traffic sources (Priceless)
  • All of our best ads, designs, logos and marketing materials (Worth $1,997)
Total Value: $4,991
Enroll Into The Partnership Program Now:
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